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Title: A badly kept secret
Author: KCKate
Pairing: Ryan/Gary, but only inuendo.
Disclaimer: This isn't true, unless I have prophesised their reactions.

This is a bit of a reply to the fanfic of flowersgeek, thank you, although I haven't stolen any of it. Advice: read flowersgeek's untitled one first, then it'll make sense.

"Gary, you might wanna come and see this." Ryan called.
Ryan was sat in front of the laptop in their recording studio. He didn't get time to go on the internet much, and he hated reading their own reviews anyway. Their forums were good for a laugh, but there was only so much bad band photography and fangirling you could read about yourself before it got to you. They hadn't been on for a while.

Ryan had typed "The Cribs" into Google. A list of things flashed up: 'Buy The Cribs from Amazon', 'The Cribs official site', 'The Cribs MySpace', all the things you'd expect. But then something he'd never seen before caught Ryan's eye.

Gary strolled in, scratching a skein of fresh stubble on his chin, his bass swinging loosely from his torso. He took it off over his head and laid it down by the bright orange amp affectionately. He walked towards the computer and placed his hand on his twin's shoulder.

"Oh no, you're not reading reviews again, are you? I thought we decided against that, y'know."

Ryan looked up at him. "No, I'm not. What's Cribs Slash?"

Gary frowned and leaned towards the computer over Ryan's shoulder, resting his arm on Ryan's back. "I don't know. Look."

Ryan clicked on the link, and it took them into LiveJournal, to a page plastered in repeating images of the three of them, a strip of bordered tables running down the middle. There were a few notices and one fanfiction, with a clickable link.

"Pairing?" Gary asked curiously. "Us two? What the?"

Ryan clicked to read more and they began to scan through the story in front of them. As they read, Ryan's eyes widened. Gary self-consciously removed his arm from resting on Ryan's back and stretched uncomfortably. He frowned with curious concern.

"God." Ryan said. Gary wandered back over to his bass, a smirk rising at the corners of his chapped lips. Ryan began to smile too, amusement filling his eyes. He laughed openly as he leaned back on the computer chair.

Gary glanced mischievously back at Ryan. "I din't know someone had seen us."

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