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untitled as of now. part 1/??

Title: Untitled - Part 1/??
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: As of now Ryan/Gary. 
Notes: Not my first fic to write. Im not such a fabulous writer. Haha. Its quite saddening that theres no Cribs slash. So I am christening this community! And sadly, its a very short chapter. But i guess enjoy haha.

The clamors of the exiting crowd lead them into the darkness of the alley. Gary shoved and pressed Ryan’s sweaty body into the white plastered wall. Gary kissed and nipped at his neck, breathing in Ryan’s scent of blood, nicotine, and alcohol. He stuck his knee between Ryan’s legs, and placed his callused hands onto the curvature of Ryan’s back.

Ryan took Gary’s right hand and slipped it into the enclosing, tight denim of his jeans. With his other hand, he grasped right under Gary’s jaw, and forced their mouths together into a kiss. Ryan placed butterfly kisses along the edges of Gary’s lips, then leading his mouth to suck on his swollen bottom lip. Gary’s small moans and sighs allowed Ryan’s tongue to slip inside to tangle with his.

Meanwhile, Gary was still grasping and stroking inside Ryan’s too tight denim, leading him to shudder and lock his knees. Gary started to unbuckle and unzip Ryan’s pants, setting him free, which showed that Ryan was hard as fuck. Gary slid down Ryan’s jeans and knickers, and released his kiss with him.

Gary moved his swollen lips down to Ryan’s hipbones, and placed small kisses and nips along his waistline, slowly moving down to the sensitive skin right above his pulsating cock. Ryan sighed and reached down to grab at Gary’s hair. He threw his head back, and Gary began to stroke and kiss along the length of Ryan. He took him fully into his mouth, licking at the head, with his dry lips scratching at the base. He bit as his tongue slid and caressed his sensitive underside. He released Ryan’s cock from his mouth, and stroked and pumped until Ryan came all over his hand.

Still wet and sticky, he licked off his fingers, and wiped his hands onto his jeans.

Gary whispered, "We’re the only ones who know, and I love you so fucking much."

Ryan replied, "I love you too."


But, by then, Gary was gone.
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